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Pureblood moving to Lumos -- read news below!

Randomly Selected Stories
Queen Takes King by charlottesometimes (B)
On the chessboard of life, never underestimate the power of an angry queen....

The Bet by sayyida (L)
Blaise Zabini and Hermione Granger are paired as Head Students in their sev...

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Dark Magic, Dark Family Secrets, Dark Hearts and the mysterious but deadly ...

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Angst, death, war, corruption, betrayal... smut... An angry Hermione has so...

In The Library by pitwitch (L)
“You were magnificent,” Lucius praised him, his lips brushing against his c...

Lilies on Screens and Arabian Coffee: A Seduction by Angel Mischa (L)
The only one to make an offer for her hand in the new Ministry-instituted M...

Hungry Thirsty Crazy by FlowersBecomeScreens (L)
The wizarding world is abuzz over a new book by an anonymous author. Hermi...

Diplomat by Lady of Clunn (L)
Response to Utopia´s Cocktails challenge on AFF. Lucius and Hermione escape...

A Pound of Flesh by pennilyn novus (W)
One night at a strip club, Hermione comes face to face with a Memory Charme...

Caged by charlottesometimes (L)
Long after the war, there is an uprising of fear in the Wizarding World tha...

Abduction by HannahSmith (S)
Hermione finds herself at Malfoy Manor. Is she in danger? What danger?...

The Trials of Draco Malfoy by Pearl Took (C)
In the aftermath of the war, Draco must rebuild his shattered life. Everyth...

All the Ways Draco and McGonagall Might've Hooked Up by GM Weasley (W)
Loving parody of the SS/HG ship, featuring such clichés as the MLC, dom!tea...

Snakes and Ladders by mayfly (W)
Twenty years later and there’s a new subversive threat to the wizarding wor...

Heart and Soul by sshg316 (W)
A prophecy says Luna and Draco will one day fall in love. That was six year...

Like a Flower to the Sun by mayfly (C)
Neville has the most unlikely of admirers. (Written for 30 Days of Neville ...

Trinity by Dreamy_Dragon (S)
Moving can be truly a hassle — even for wizards....

Authors, please register at Lumos!
On September 26, we will begin the process of moving all Pureblood stories into the Lumos archive.

If you are a Pureblood author and not already a member of Lumos, we urge you to register there as soon as possible, at lumos.sycophanthex.com . This will enable a smooth transfer of your stories and will allow the earliest possible re-opening of the Lumos archive.

We appreciate your assistance in this matter. For more information, please feel free to visit our Live Journal at http://community.livejournal.com/sycophant_hex/ , or contact the SH Help Desk.

CareCrystal on 2008.09.24 - 03:55PM (0 Comments)

IMPORTANT: Pureblood moving to the Lumos archive
Sycophant Hex will upgrade our existing software beginning 12:01 am GMT September 26, 2008. As part of this process, we will consolidate The Burrow, Pureblood and Wolfsbane archives into Lumos. The Burrow, Pureblood and Wolfsbane archives will be permanently closed to new submissions beginning September 26. If you are not already a member of Lumos, please take a moment to register there.

Beginning October 1, Lumos will re-open, and will feature The Burrow, Pureblood, and Wolfsbane submissions,
along with all general Harry Potter fanfiction. All stories that currently exist in The Burrow, Pureblood and Wolfsbane will be transferred to the Lumos archive by Sycophant Hex staff.

By combining our three smallest archives into Lumos, we will reduce the time and effort needed to sustain our multiple-archive system. Please note that Ashwinder, Occlumency, Eros & Sappho, and Chaos will remain as independent archives.

As always, thank you for your continuing support of Sycophant Hex.

CareCrystal on 2008.09.23 - 03:07AM (0 Comments)

Thank you for your interest
Thanks to everyone who applied to Sycophant Hex for our recently posted Admin positions. We received applications from several qualified people, which made the final decision very tough. We have now filled our two open positions, and all candidates have been notified. I'd like to thank everyone concerned for their interest in and support of Sycophant Hex -- we greatly appreciate it!
CareCrystal on 2008.09.11 - 04:29PM (0 Comments)

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